Welcome to the DC Cemetery

We're happy to announce that the DC Cemetery will reopen (although at a significantly smaller scale and now in San Jose) for the 2023 Halloween season.

The new "DC Cemetery" is a MUCH MUCH smaller scale than some remember from our early days, but it’s still a very elaborate and EXTREME home haunt featuring our favorite props and effects.   Just please do not expect the same scale that we exhibited in back in Mountain View.


Address is: 4508 Mossbrook Cir, San Jose CA 95130. Please check our "Times" page for specific dates and times.  Also please note that due to the electronics involved, we may need to turn everything off at a moment’s notice if it starts raining.

Although we took a couple years off here and there; 2023 technically this will be DC's 31st year of bringing sheer terror to our neighbors.

Please take a stroll thru the site and check out the videos, past pictures, and comment in our guest book.

If you're looking to add a DC Cemetery prop to your haunt or display; we do have retail products available for purchase at www.dcprops.com.

Brent, Kasey, Devin & Kasey Ross
Creators & Designers of the DC Cemetery

If you're interested in helping bring back the DC Cemetery, please check out our support page.


Countdown to Halloween