DC Rules and Legal Disclaimer – Please Read

DC Design Studio, DC Cemetery, and/or property owners of the DC Cemetery location is/are not responsible nor liable for any damage (personal or property), injury, loss, or theft. This includes but is not limited to: injury, bodily harm, property damage, loss, medical condition onset, and or death. By entering our event, you take full responsibility and waive all rights against taking action against DC Design Studio, LLC or property owners.

DC Design Studio – DC Cemetery reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone! You will not be admitted if you are acting disorderly, problematic, or appear intoxicated. This is a family friendly attraction, and failure to abide by our posted rules will result in being escorted off the premises by our friends at the Police Department.

Due to legal liability, if you are wearing any form of temporary cast, medical brace, crutches or medically required chair/walker/scooter you may not be permitted unless attendant deems fit, if permitted you must be accompanied by care giver/assistant. We do not discriminate and will make every effort to provide an equal SAFE experience for everyone.

You will experience intense audio & lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog, and may experience wet or damp conditions, and possibly physically demanding environments (elevations, stairs, ramps, etc). You should not enter if you are pregnant, have claustrophobia, prone to seizures, heart or respiratory problems, or any other medical condition that may be triggered and or worsened by stressful conditions.

No smoking, drinking or eating is permitted inside or near the Cemetery. Please do not run inside or around the haunt, and please be courteous and do not touch the props, sets and scenic elements.

Photography and videography are permitted but please do not use a flash, lighting, or prevent others from viewing the haunt trying to get that perfect selfie. Please be understanding that your flash and video lights ruin the haunts effects for everyone in your group, as well as cause line traffic and slow throughput. Photography and videography inside the walk thru portion of the haunt will only be permitted at certain dedicated times with prior approval and is subject to last second change/cancellation. Please contact Brent Ross @ if you wish to video or take pictures inside the DC Mortuary or in other areas within the haunt. Pictures from outside the gates and from the street are welcomed, but please be courteous of videographers as they are working for DC and interruptions, & flash photography ruin low light shots.